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I apologise for the delay in posting this. School (I'm a teacher) got in the way of updating, so being that it is now half-term I have the events from the last week of my Summer Hols.
With many pictures, the baby that wasn't and the older children become teens.

There are a LOT of pictures in this update, be warned. It will be slow.Collapse )

Missed one?

Generation 1 - Chapter 1 (NSFW)
Generation 2 - Chapter 1 (NSFW) | Chapter 2 (SFW) | Chapter 3 (SFW) | Chapter 4 (SFW) | Chapter 5 (SFW) | Chapter 6 (SFW) | Chapter 7 (SFW)

{Legacy} Romero: Generation 2 - Chapter 2

This is somewhat shorter than the others - my computer falls over if I try to post anything with more than 70 pics, so I've split Chapter 2 into 5 sections, which should all be posted between now and tomorrow - depends whether my fiancé wants my attention or not.

I apologise for the lack of humour in this post - I couldn't come up with anything witty (which is where planning Maths Lessons doesn't help).

Not more Romeros? Toddler Skilling Mostly. Might be safe for work - worst is Sarah wandering around in underwearCollapse )

Missed one?

Generation 1 - Chapter 1 (NSFW)
Generation 2 - Chapter 1 (NSFW) | Chapter 2 (SFW)

{Legacy} Romero: Generation 2 - Chapter 1

We left off last episode with Atara having just given birth to Bess.
This chapter goes from her birth to her childhood, and involves many, many siblings.

Because apparently 1 baby isn't enough... NSFW due to my Sims not getting dressedCollapse )

Because I've got all confused with the numbers... I'm going till 10 generations after Atara. So I'll have 11 generations... because I started Atara as 1 and thus her kiddywinkles are 2.

Missed one?

Generation 1 - Chapter 1 (NSFW)
Generation 2 - Chapter 1 (NSFW)

{Legacy} Romero: Generation 1

Welcome to the Romero Legacy, unfortunately the Legacy Legacy (my Gloom Pixies) suffered the death of bugs, so as such cannot be with you any longer. So we have a new legacy. I'm going to attempt to play by the rules with this one.

However, I'm not beyond restarting if my character dies within the first 2 days.

This story is the third life of Miss Atara. First she died within her first afternoon courtesy of a fire. Second she died on her second day because she refused to cook food and went to bed and then got up and cooked food before passing out and suffering death from lack of well, everything really.

With outings and dates and weddings plus a birth... So not Work-safeCollapse )

Missed one?

Generation 1 - Chapter 1 (NSFW)



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